About the project

This project began when I interviewed Hazel Kent about Brockway for my ‘Lives on the Left Podcast’ series. We discovered a shared interest in the extraordinary life and career of Fenner Brockway and agreed that we should write a biography, as remarkably, none currently exists. We are currently working on compiling an edited anthology ofContinue reading “About the project”

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Earlier this year, Hazel and I discussed Brockway’s fascinating life and career in my ‘Lives on the Left’ podcast. The first episode concerns Brockway’s life and activism up until 1946 and the second episode discusses the years 1947-1988. Listen to part 1 HERE Listen to part 2 HERE

Fenner Brockway: Standing Out For Socialism by Hazel Kent

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Fenner Brockway, I spent three fascinating years in his company while researching his contribution to the ILP for my PhD thesis. Study of his books, newspaper articles, minutes of committee meetings, annual conference reports, memos and letters confirm his importance to the history of the ILP. DuringContinue reading “Fenner Brockway: Standing Out For Socialism by Hazel Kent”

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